Solar Thermal Pool Integration with Domestic Hot Water

It is time to start using your roof!  Don t allow ignorant fools to deny the endless possibilities that your roof can do for you.  At the bare bones minimal we need to see solar thermal integration introduced in all roofing.  This small but very successful upgrade can give you more power than you could ever imagine.  And of course let’s not forget to mention the 30% tax credit tax form 5695.  Let’s stop letting people make you believe that putting wholes in your roof over time will not be a detriment to its integrity.  And if you believe it won’t leak you probably also believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Clause.  Wake up stop letting these oil conglomerates from getting away with dumbing us down leading us to believe that we are at the mercy of them.  Get ready because the tides of change are on the horizon.  Inexpensive high performing integrations are here and we will continue to better ourselves.  Never forget there is no reason why your roof surface has to be battling the radiant heat provided from the sun cooking interiors.  And for those of you with shingles go by a infared heat gun and take a reading of your shingle roof on a hot day you will see numbers of at least 150 degrees if not more.  So if you thought going


with shingle was the better choice you may want to reconsider especially in the summer when you run your AC all day with little success of reaching desired interior ambient temperatures.  Why should we fight the sun and the heat let’s join forces and use this power mother nature has given.  We also offer rotrofit over shingle which means we can go directly over shingle giving a cost savings by avoiding expensive demolition and redirecting that investment to solar thermal and solar electric integrations.

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