Artezanos Inc’s. building-integrated and modular solar thermal energy systems combine solar thermal and solar electric to maximize energy production on a per-square-foot basis. Photovoltaic (PV) thermal collection systems can be installed below many varieties of convex roofing tile. To maximize the heat and energy of from the sun, solar (PV) panels can be added and integrated into the building envelope creating a hybrid solar energy system. Now your roof can heat, cool and generate electricity at the same time! And the systems interact synergistically with one another, with the PV system’s performance improving as it is cooled by the solar thermal system.

Installed during new construction, renovation or a re-roofing process, the thermal system absorbs heat generated by the sun shining on a roof , which is then transferred to a concealed thermal collection system. Depending upon location and design, an open or closed loop system pumps water through conventional heat transfer and distribution systems. In hotter months, as the system collects solar energy as heat, it simultaneously reduces the heat load on attic spaces and reduces cooling costs and operating costs.

Because the thermal systems are concealed below the roof, they are hidden from the elements too. The nearly indestructible renewable energy system becomes an integral part of a hardened building envelope that provides storm resistance, energy security, and lower building operating costs by replacing fossil fuels and electricity with solar energy. Integrated solar thermal systems qualify for government energy incentives that accelerate payback. Additionally, LEED points are maximized with high performance hybrid PV Thermal Roofing Systems.

Thinking about solar and a new roof for your building? Consider Artezanos Inc’s free engineering evaluation of your roof for easy to own, operate and maintain Integrated PV Thermal!

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